North Vietnamese Leaflets

The unrest in the United States caused by mixed feelings of the war in Vietnam, gave the North Vietnamese Government an excellent opportunity to use this material against the US serviceman in an effort to convince our soldiers that they should not be there.

In this particular leaflet, the North Vietnamese listed four commandments they hoped the targeted US soldiers would follow:

1. "American Servicemen will not fight in the war against the South Vietnamese people and serve as cannon fodder for US monopoly capitalists".

2. "American servicemen will not take the risk of fighting a dirty, long term and dangerous war with no way out waged by the American imperialists in South Viet Nam: refuse to go to the front and press for your evacuation from South Viet Nam

3. "Say no to terror and massacre against the South Vietnamese people."

4. "American servicemen, true to the traditions of liberty and democracy of their people shall never support the dictatorial regime of Thieu agent of the U.S. monopoly capital".

Leaflet provided by Hammond Salley