Operation Iraqi Freedom

Rules Poster

 BritishRulesPoster2.jpg (22441 bytes)

Depicted above is a draft version of a poster shows a vertical strip of five cartoons of Iraqis in a car meeting a Coalition soldier. The car cartoon is actually very interesting and represents the stages of government from the beginning of the operation through to Iraqi self government. Although the draft depicts a British flag at the top of the poster, the final product deleted the Union Jack. The text shown above is:

“Coalition forces steering towards a better future. We are here to work with you cooperatively to make things better. Try to get back to your normal routine. Obey the rule of law. Support the new interim administration. Do not carry weapons on the street. Follow the instructions of Coalition forces. Our stay will be temporary, when we have finished our work we will leave. Listen to Radio Nahrain 100.4 FM for important news and information.” 

The phrase "Obey the rule of law" was replaced with "remain peaceful and law abiding citizens" in the final published  version. The poster was developed by the 15th (UK) PSYOP Group.