Operation Iraqi Freedom Leaflets


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The front of this leaflet depicts an Iraqi family offering food to a downed Coalition pilot.
The back shows pilot in a parachute falling toward a friendly hand.

Leaflet Translation


"ASSIST DOWNED COALITION PILOTS – Help them return to their families!
You will be REWARDED for your hospitality!"


"If you encounter a Coalition pilot: Treat them properly.
Offer them food and water. Give medical assistance.
Allow for their safe return. Provide them directions to Coalition forces.
Coalition forces will REWARD your hospitality!"

Note: At the same time that the Coalition forces were offering a reward for helping downed pilots,  Iraqi radio announced a $14,000 reward for anyone killing a Coalition soldier, and $28,000 for anyone taking a live prisoner. The announcement further reported that shooting down an enemy fighter plane would bring a reward of $55,500, a helicopter $28,000, and a missile, $5,500.