Operation Iraqi Freedom Leaflets


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Front - Arabic

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Front - English

"Any vessel suspected of mining the Khor 'Abd Allah
or Umm Qasar waterways will be destroyed."

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Back - Arabic

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Back - English

"Mining the Khor 'Abd Allah or Umm Qasar will not effect Coalition vessels. They will only harm the Iraqi people."

The front of the leaflet shows what appears to be an Iraqi warship laying mines on the ocean floor. The back of the leaflet shows a small commercial vessel on fire, having struck one of the hidden mines.  Mines were a constant menace during the first Persian Gulf War. On 19 February 1991, two U.S. warships struck mines within several hours of each other. The U.S.S. Tripoli, a helicopter assault ship, and the U.S.S. Princeton, an AEGIS cruiser, both suffered minimal damage.