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PSYOP supported several operations conducted by Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs. A major problem facing Somalia is the large number of displaced persons and refugees who were forced to leave their homes during the civil war. With no reliable source of food or medical care, these groups have ben totally dependent on relief provided by the NGOs. The "Pastoral Scene" leaflet above supported programs to encourage displaced persons and refugees to move back to their homes - when it was safe to do so - in order to harvest crops and beginplanting for the next growing season. The goal of this leaflet describing specific NGO resettlement programs, was to help break the cycle of dependency and encourage self sufficiency.


"UNITAF's mission is to provide a secure environment for humanitarian relief efforts throughout Somalia. Initial emphasis was on securing key cities; now the focus is on expanding the security to smaller towns and villages. As they are secured, relief agencies are beginning to distribute dry food, seeds and farm utensils to help displaced families return to their farms, rebuild their homes and plant their fields. Now it is harvest time for many crops. Preparations need to be made for the next planting"