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Immediately upon the activation of the 10,000 watt AM PSYOP radio station, and commencement of the assault on December 20th, 1989, The new President of Panama, Guillermo Endara, communicated with the Panamanian masses. Among Endara's first announcements was the promise that anyone turning a weapon over to US forces would be paid in US dollars. The money for guns program proved to be a viable PSYOP technique.



"What We Will Pay"

$25.00 for Information on Munitions.

$25.00 for Grenades

$50.00 for RPG Grenades

$100.00 for Pistols

$125.00 for Rifles

$150.00 for Automatic Rifles

$150.00 for Mines

A maximum of $5000 will be paid for the above weapons.


Maximum reimbursement (payment)
for warehousing of weapons - $5000

- Police Department near the back of Albrook fountain
- National Gymnasium (most likely a school) (front of Ancon Inn)
- Arms (weapons) will be accepted only at these places daily from 7am to 5pm

1. Remove the loader and ammunition from the weapon
2. Attach a white cloth to the weapon
3. Approach with weapon held high by its barrel.
4. Follow the instructions given by the authorities

Cooperate with your Government and help the American (United States) armed forces.
United we will have law, order and public security (safety).