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"Why are you going 10,000 miles from home to live a helluva a life and die on this land."

"This country is not yours."

"We did no harm to your homeland"

"Why have you come here to kill our men and woman and destroy our homeland?"

"We have fought for 20 years and we'll continue to fight until victory - even if necessary for another 20 years - on our native soil to defend our country, our homes. This is only what your forefathers did about 200 years ago.

And you? What are you fighting for?

Don't let yourself be fooled by such lies as to defend freedom and democracy to help on request of the South Vietnamese government!
The presence of hundreds of thousands of US Troops wantonly firing and killing in this little country, massive bombing destroying whole areas, the use of most atrocious weapons like napalm, phosphorous shells, poison gas, themselves trample on the loftiest ideals of the American Revolution and besmear the honor of the American people. As for the so-called South Vietnamese government. said Senator W. Morse "that government is just what we have rigged up."

Are you resined on playing the same role as thoase nazi soldiers who blindly obeyed Hitler's orders and committed crimes, or will you rise up and act according to you conscience, against this immoral US war to be worthy of washington, Lincoln and Jefferson?

Do Refuse to fight

Demand your repatriation

Get out of South Vietnam before it's too late!

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Leaflet provided by Hammond Salley