"Don't touch mines or explosives
Report them!"

Mines are a serious ongoing problem in Somalia. During Operation RESTORE HOPE, mine explosions killed or injured several UNITAF personnel as well as many Somalis victims.

To address the mine issue, PSYOP specialists produced several different posters and published articles in the RAJO newspaper that served as public service announcements advising Somalis to be aware of mine hazards. Towards the end of the operation PSYOP also produced a coloring book detailing the first aid requirements for victims of mine related accidents; a handbill explaining how to exit a minefield safely; and posters illustrating the most common mines found in Somalia. The underlying message was the same:

"Report don't touch mines."

The products were distributed to French, Belgians, Canadians, and Botswanans, and to UNITAF commanders in the Mogadishu area. Coalition forces used English language copies of the products to train their troops.

"Stop senseless injuries and deaths.
Parents please tell your children to keep away from explosives.
Report mines and explosives to security forces.

"First Aid for Mine Victims"