Shown below is the English translation of the leaflet.

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While you were away fighting Milosevic's war in Kosovo, families in villages and towns across from Serbia and Montenegro have begun to protest the war calling for the return of their sons and husbands..


Only unity will save the Serbs

In response, Milosevic has greeted them with water cannon, not police, and charges of treason. It seems there is no difference to Milosevic between a Kosevar Albanian rebel and a Serb civilian trying to express their frustration with government policy.

In response to the violent police crackdown, entire units from Krusevac and Aleksandrovac areas have left their positions in Kosovo-Metohija against orders and returned home to defend their families...from their own government. Return home where you are needed...

Before Milosevic treats Parcin..like Pristina