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We are fully committed...
The arsenals of democracy run deep. We can fight this
campaign for months and months..if not years."

General Henry Shelton
Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff
30 April 1999


Slobodan Milosevic has been terribly successful in using his military and paramilitary forces to commit horrendous atrocities, including mass murders, systematic rapes and forced evacuation against unarmed civilians in Kosovo-Metohija, and hiding the fact from his own citizens.

What he didn't expect was that he would be even more successful in isolating Serbia from the rest of the world and in unifying NATO and the world community of nations in its resolve to stop Serb atrocities and return the people of Kosovo-Metohija to their homes in safety. He would do well to listen to the words of his own military experts:

"Serbs have fought a war since 1991 while still not having a single ally anywhere. Not even the Russian Federation has declared itself our ally...

you just don't fight the world."

Col General Momcilo Perisic
Former VJ Chief of Staff
February 1999