US and Coalition Forces Arrive in Somalia

"United Nations Forces are here to assist in the international relief effort for the Somali people. We are prepared to use force to protect the relief operation and our soldiers. We will not allow interference with food distribution or with our activities. We are here to help you."

These "handshake" leaflets were dropped two to three days prior to the arrival of UNITAF forces in each town. Of the thirty seven different leaflets used during Operation RESTORE HOPE, these 3" x 6" leaflets along with the leaflets announcing convoy security missions were the only leaflets printed at Fort Bragg on the 4th Psychological Operations Group fixed printing plant's Heidelberg print presses. The remaining thirty five different leaflets and over a dozen handbills and posters were printed on two Risograph 5800 print presses leased specifically to support Operation RESTORE HOPE. These presses were mimeograph machines with electronic stencil cutting capability. They were high speed, high tech. low maintenance, and user friendly.