"Operation CLEAN STREETS beginning
28 December 1992 from 9:00 pm till 4:00 am"

Leaflets, posters and handbills supported several engineer projects. In December 1992 and again in March 1993, engineers cleared the streets of Mogadishu of abandoned and destroyed vehicles, downed telephone poles, and other objects that blocked the flow of traffic along major roads areas.

Engineers also removed sand and tons of debris that had narrowed streets. Later in the operation, Army engineers and Navt Seabees repaired or constructed over 1,200 miles of roads, drilled fourteen wells, and erected a Bailey Bridge across the Juba River near the town of Jilib.

PSYOP complimented these efforts by informing the Somali people of the programs and asking them to cooperate by staying clear of the hazardous engineer equipment.


will clear main routes from curb to curb,
from the airport and US Embassy to the seaport
of all fixed objects, abandoned vehicles,
sand, rock, and other debris."
Please move your market stands, vehicles and other
Property completely off the roadways.
Together we can rebuild Somalia

"UNITAF engineers working to help the
Somali people improve their roads.
will be engaged by UNITAF forces, and
Help us help you. Report Mines!"

"UNITAF engineers are in Somalia to help improve roads. Once the roads are repaired, relief agencies will be able to deliver humanitarian relief supplies from the ports to remote locations throughout the country. We need your assistance and cooperation to help make this effort successful.
  • Please do not do anything to endanger yourself or the engineers who are working on the roads and bridges. Stay a safe distance away from engineer equipment and operations.
  • Please mark and report all mine locations. Do not touch mines because they are dangerous. Report anyone seen placing mines along or near roadways. Help us help you!"