At the end of February 1993, on the first day of Ramadan, there were violent demonstrations in the area of Mogadishu controlled by Mohamed Farah Aldeed, leader of the Somali National Alliance. Following these demonstrations, children started carrying toy handguns which they occasionally pointed at UNITAF Forces. By the end of Ramadan, these toy guns were prevalent throughout the city, and there were several incidents where UNITAF forces came close to shooting children who pointed the toy guns at them. The JPOTF initiated a campaign to address the dangers of these behaviors in the RAJO newspaper over the radio and in leaflets such as those shown below which also addressed the looting problem.

"Looting Stealing or throwing rocks is not Somali, it's criminal. Pointing guns--even play guns--at anyone is threatening. UNITAF forces are authorized to use deadly force if they are threatened or perceive to be threatened. Help stop this behavior before anyone gets hurt."


  • All forces and weapons must be moved out of
    the Lower Jubs Valley to locations north of Dobley
    by Midnight 25 February, or risk destruction.

  • These locations must be designated and
    provided to UNITAF officials on 25 February.

  • Any force found outside of these locations thereafter
    will be engaged by UNITAF forces, and
    any weapons located will be destroyed. "
  • "UNITAF forces are more than able to stabilize the military situation in the Kismayo region, and are ready to do this if Somalis can not or will not choose peace and reconciliation over fighting. There is nothing to gain from further fighting among Somalis, except the continued suffering of the Somali people. The time has come for the people of Kismayo and the surrounding region to reject the path of fighting and turn seriously towards reconciliation, peace and prosperity."